Annual Report 2002

Annual Report 2002Introduction

I. Money and Credit

II. Inflation and Exchange Rate

III. Output and Employment

IV. External Sector

V. Public Finances

VI. Financial Statements

Annexes (zip version)

  1. Selected macroeconomic indicators (in percentage of GDP)
  2. Per capita gross domestic product (millions of nuevos soles at 1994 prices)
  3. Gross national disposable income (millions of nuevos soles at 1994 prices)
  4. Gross national disposable income (percentage change)
  5. Global demand and supply (percentage changes at constant prices)
  6. Gross domestic product by industry (percentage change at constant prices)
  7. Consumer price index (percentage change)
  8. Core inflation (percentage change)
  9. Exchange rate (percentage change)
  10. Exchange rate (nuevos soles per US$)
  11. Real exchange rate (index of average data: base 1994=100)
  12. Foreign exchange rates and interest rates (average data)
  13. Balance of payments (millions of US$)
  14. Balance of payments (in percentage of GDP)
  15. Trade balance (millions of US$)
  16. Exports (millions of US$)
  17. Traditional exports (millions of US$)
  18. Non-traditional exports (millions of US$)
  19. Imports (millions of US$)
  20. Terms of trade index (year 1994 = 100)
  21. Commodity prices
  22. Private sector long-term capital flows (millions of US$)
  23. Public sector financial account (millions of US$)
  24. External public debt disbursements by financial source (millions of US$)
  25. External public debt external public debt (millions of US$)
  26. International assets and liabilities position (in percentage of GDP)
  27. Operations of the non-financial public sector
  28. Central government current revenues
  29. Central government expenditure
  30. Monetary accounts of the deposit societies (millions of nuevos soles)
  31. Monetary accounts of the banking system (millions of nuevos soles)
  32. Monetary aggregates of the banking system (in percentage of GDP)
  33. Nominal and real interest rates in domestic and foreign currency (end of year, annual effective rates)
  34. Net external assets of the banking system (millions of US$)
  35. Monetary accounts of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (millions of nuevos soles).

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