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Legal interest calculator
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Legal base

The Virtual Calculator Application allows the calculation of the interests that apply to the obligations subject to calculations of the legal interest rate, both effective and labor.


The legal interest rate is set by the BCRP (Articles 1242 °, 1243 ° and 1244 ° of the Civil Code and Articles 51 ° and 52 ° of the Organic Law of the BCRP) and is applied when there is an obligation to pay interest and it is not I would have agreed the fee (Article 1245 of the Civil Code).


The legal labor interest rate is applied to the obligations derived from the delay in the payment of wages and salaries and has the characteristic that the interests are not capitalized. While the effective legal rate is applied for the rest of the obligations and the interest generated is capitalized.


This application facilitates the calculation of the legal interest rate. It is useful for legal proceedings, settlement of contracts and debts in which the interest rate was not agreed.


Terms of use

The calculations that result from the use of this application are referential, and therefore do not imply an official pronouncement of the Central Bank regarding the operations carried out through its use.


The user acknowledges that the use of the application corresponds to his own decision and his sole responsibility. In that sense, the Central Bank does not have any legal responsibility for losses, damages, expenses or any other damage that may arise from its use.

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